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Sh*ts & Giggles: Wasting the Weekend

Lately, I’ve either been angry about the world (since stupid people keep pissing me off), recapping tv shows, working on my novel, or updating my other blog, Unlikely Housewife. That does not mean, however, I haven’t spent way too many hours down the Internet rabbit hole, wasting oodles of productive time. Because I love you and want you to waste time too, here are a collection of internet funnies I’ve “curated” for you (since curate is the new stupid word everyone uses to make it sound like they actually did something)…

Enjoy, you pretty faces you!

Downton Arby

Okay, so it’s not quite as funny as Downton Tabby, but still pretty good. (Sorry can’t embed, it’s that stupid div file issue again. ::shakes fist:: YOU STUPID WORDPRESS YOU!)

Hipster Games 3

My friend Moses alerted me to this gem. As a Hunger Games fan who also lives in neighborhoods and enjoys content that hipsters also live in or enjoy, this was ridiculously spot-on.

“My glasses!”

“They aren’t real! They aren’t real!!”

When the Olympics happened, there was a similar parody video also worth sharing.

Texts from Hillary

This is probably my favorite meme I’ve seen this year. Or any year. Bad ass Hillary.

This one is the best, though they are are all great.

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