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As many of you probably noticed today, when attempting to seem smarter by using info from Wikipedia at the office/for school/on a date, there was an Internet blackout in protest of the SOPA bill. Although I completely support intellectual property laws (I was a permissions and rights expert in my old life and, as an artist/writer, I obviously want my own work to remain mine or be credited), I feel that SOPA is dangerous because it not only limits creativity, it also allows anyone to shut down website based on claims of it being improper, without trial or evidence. It would also severely limit the creation of memes and gifs, two excellent uses of ‘fair use’ ever created by mankind. Between this and NDAA, I’m about thisclose to joining the hyperbolic claims that our country is turning fascist faster than bananas go bad.

Anyhow, I obviously didn’t participate in the blackout since my site means little in this argument, I did (as should you) contact my representatives, sign every petition I could, and, if you’re reading this, educate other people about this ridiculous bill. Because it’s clear that the combination of the blackout and citizen vocalization has already made an impact, including at least six lawmakers changing their mind about supporting anti-piracy legislation as currently written.

Finally, to wit (both meanings of the word cause it proves my point and it’s funny):

Source: from the Other 98% Facebook page

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