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WTF?!?: Michelle Duggar is Overpopulating My Brain with Stupid

When Michelle Duggar announced she was pregnant with her 20th kid, I wrote that, though I support all kinds of family and reproductive choice, I feel that it is unethical for her family to continue to take up resources when so many go without. I didn’t follow up when the Duggars miscarried and had a funeral for the fetus because, though I’m pro-choice, some people really grieve when they miscarry. For many it’s as if the imaginary child in their head is what actually died and not a parasite dependent on their womb to live. (Author’s note: A friend pointed out the problematic language in the previous sentence. Read the comments for a clarification/expansion.) It’s weird and it’s couched in their problematic belief system, but I’m just not cruel like that. I don’t want Fred Phelps screaming outside the funeral of gay kids, so I’m not gonna make fun of a grieving woman for wanting a little ceremony to deal with her grief.
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WTF!?!: Very Poor, Very Ignored, Very Romney

Well, it looks like Newt Gingrich isn’t the only Republican who has no understanding of the reality of poverty: this morning Mitt Romney said that he wasn’t concerned about the very poor. Cause, you know, we have a safety net for them. That is disappearing because of our economy and that Romney keeps vaguely attacking to gain votes of those who want dismantle them completely… which is I guess is those “holes” will get fixed? If it doesn’t exist, there can’t be any holes! Continue reading

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WTF?!?: Michelle Duggar’s Vagina Is Gonna Be Maaaaaaad at Her…

Oh lordy. Michelle Duggar is pregnant. AGAIN. It’s no longer funny, folks. She’s on kid 20, the last pregnancy nearly taking the lives of both mom and baby. The Duggars claim that they are simply following God’s plan aka no birth control but lots of Pa Duggar pawing at Ma Duggar. Yet they use science and medicine to keep a baby alive when it’s delivered 3 1/2 months early? How is medical intervention any different from pregnancy intervention? If you are going to be so religiously fervent that you bring TWENTY children into the world because it’s “His Will,” then you’ll let God do what he wants when a woman’s body has been tortured by little Jesus-loving parasites over and over and over and over and it plain done. It’s not the religious devoutness that gets me (okay, maybe a little bit); it’s the complete lack of consistency and integrity when it comes to getting what you want.  As I said in a post ages ago, methinks Jim Bob just likes to “Duggar” a lot and doesn’t wanna use a condom… so he convinced his wife that this is what God wants for her and her wrecked uterus.

Anyhow, I do believe that children are a choice. Have has many or as few as you like, including none if that’s what you want. But in today’s day and age, the impact of overpopulation needs to be considered when making that choice, in order to live an ethical life. I mean, if you’re asking me…  Which, obviously, the Duggars didn’t. Maybe if I’d voted for him back when I lived in his Arkansas district, they would have? Oh, Arkansas, the times we’ve had together.

For those that are interested, the current roster for the Duggar brood is: Joshua, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, Josie.

I wonder what will be next?? If you do too, then vote for your favorite “J” name or submit your own!

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WTF?!?: It’s Your Own Fault You’re Poor, Dumbass!

A few nights ago there was another Republican debate. Like last time, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it and instead went bowling with The Boy. And can you believe what I missed? Another round of innapropriate audience response, that’s what!

So far, we have:

1. Cheering because executing lots of people is awesome. Obviously.

2. Yelling that uninsured people should be left to die. It’s their own fault, right?

3. Booing a U.S. soldier. Cause he’s gay. Makes sense… Dying for our country is only honorable if you don’t like other men’s dingle-dangles.

And now, in what I’m sure will not be the last example of how horrible some of our voting populace, we have

4. Applauding Herman Cain for blaming the unemployed for not having a job and being poor. You heard me.

Now hear him.

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WTF?!? Drug Tests! For Everybody!

Nikki Haley, the Republican governor of South Carolina, announced a few weeks ago that she wanted to drug-test all unemployed people because over 50% of them tested positive for teh drugz… Cause, you know, they’re all just sittin’ around, smokin’ doobies with cheeto-stained fingers, watching ‘Real Housewives’ reruns. I mean, that’s what I’m doing as an unemployed person. Not worrying about living on one income or how I’ll begin to generate money again or anything responsible like that. Nope, just me, the marijuana, and the remote.


As expected, Governor Haley had her statistics a smidge off…as in totally wrong. But I guess her heart was in the right place. You know, the place that wants to keep people unemployed, USING GOVERNMENT FUNDING TO DO SO. And where trolls live to steal your children in the night and eat them.

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